Virtual Reality Presentation

We developed a platform on the Unity Engine to present Microsoft PowerPoint content from inside a virtual environment to an audience. We modeled the virtual environment where the presentation takes place using Trimble Sketchup; implemented conventional navigation and manipulation techniques for the presenter, which allowed for real-walking, teleportation, interaction with virtual objects using raycasting, and a virtual pointer for showing information on the slides.

Network communication was implemented between multiple instances of the application. This allowed a much higher framerate for the presenter and the audience (from 20 to 60 FPS) ; and also allowing for remote presentations (over LAN or internet), which was not our initial intent, but seems to be a nice idea. The Photon Network framework was used in this part. Finally, we implemented a component to display Microsoft PowerPoint presentations inside the virtual environment, including using the VR controller for changing slides and videos. This allowed us a seamless integrated presentation where we can both present slides or demonstrate 3D user interactions.

The application was used during one of the presentations of the 1st Health Tech Conference at PUCRS.